Our Holiday Decor

I have always been a HUGE Christmas person. It has always been such a big deal in our family. Naturally, now that I am married, I get so excited about transforming our home for Christmas. This  year's theme has been one that I have been wanting to do for a few years. When I think of woodsy it makes me think of my dad who is the ultimate hunter/outdoors man. I love how cozy a woodsy theme is but it wouldn't be me if I didn't add a touch of sparkle so I went with a woodsy sparkle theme this year. Pretty sure I made that category up so don't go looking for that online anywhere :). You might have seen some magnolia leaves on my Instagram for Thanksgiving which I just love!! I love them so much I didn't want to get rid of them so I decided to incorporate it in to my theme because it goes perfectly. I love the look and the fact that it cost me nothing to go over to my neighbors tree and get a few clippings (make it a ton...I just can't seem to get enough...don't tell my neighbor). Honestly, if I could be a professional tree decorator I would be in heaven. It is something that just excites me!! Here are a few pictures of what our living room looks like. I hope you guys are having fun this month creating  beautiful memories.