Furniture Restyle

I came across a pair of antique furniture pieces that I thought would look cool if they were restyled. I really enjoy adding pieces to our home that have character.  

For this project I used spray paint, acrylic paint, and fabric. All of which I picked up at Hobby Lobby. When making an antique selection, I usually take in to consideration the shape and potential. Most of the time the beauty is already there. I just help bring it out. Shout out to papi who helped me with the reupholster part of the project!

I was inspired to get a leopard print piece for our home when I saw this piece on the One Kings Lane website which retails for $795.00. 😳It looks nice but it is totally out of my price range. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.56.17 PM.png

I am really happy with the way the project turned out! Check out before and after pictures down below.

Side note: I am excited to see Justin Timberlake perform at the Super Bowl! Seems like just yesterday Houston was hosting the game. I am going for the Patriots!


This was before I spray painted the cherry wood dark walnut. 

This was before I spray painted the cherry wood dark walnut. 

Furniture piece - before b.JPG
 I knew I wanted to play with leopard print while still keeping an antique vibe so I mixed silver and gold acrylic paint to get a muted gold tone. 

 I knew I wanted to play with leopard print while still keeping an antique vibe so I mixed silver and gold acrylic paint to get a muted gold tone. 

furniture - acrylic paint.JPG


furniture - after.JPG
furniture - after e.jpg
As I was painting I wiped off the excess paint to give it a weathered look. 

As I was painting I wiped off the excess paint to give it a weathered look. 

furniture after - b.jpg

Our Christmas Style

Hey y'all! I can't believe we are less than a week away from Christmas and I have yet to show you our Christmas decor! This was the first year I offered Christmas decorating services and it was well received! We decorated several homes for the holidays which was amazing! I will be sharing my favorite looks on Instagram. 

For our Christmas look this year I wanted to keep things simple. I opted for no ribbon weaved throughout the tree, a few ornaments keeping the focus on the tree itself, and classic neutrals.  I even thought about not doing a tree topper but I started building the look and by the time I knew it....I had a huge bow! I hope y'all are having a great holiday season. 

Here are a few shots of our decor this year. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



Mixing Metals

What I love so much about creating a space is being the designer. Each piece I incorporate is an extension of me in some way.  There are no rules to follow. Gold and silver can be friends. 

While we were in the process of updating our guest restroom I knew that I wanted to mix metals. Interweaving the colors throughout the space helps make it a cohesive look. The restroom is a good place to start experimenting with mixing things up. 

We removed the basic builders grade light fixture that comes with every house. I was so tired of looking at it. You know which one I am talking about. It's straight and has about ten lightbulbs (I believe it is called the Hollywood strip)...not something I consider beautiful. 

Below is a before and after:

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Pottery Barn. I found this light fixture that I loved and purchased but I ended up returning it.  I found something very similar to it on Craigslist for a fraction of the price and it is also a Pottery Barn piece. Nothing wrong with recycling something that someone else is getting rid of, especially when it is new! Can you guess which one is "used" and which one is new?

If you guessed the one on the left is new, you are correct! I saved about $130 by returning the new light fixture  and going with the "slightly used". Honestly, you can't tell the difference. 

Around the time I was working on the restroom I read about Remington Avenue's One Room Challenge. She spray painted her faucets instead of buying new ones. She posted a step by step tutorial that inspired me to do the same. If you haven't seen her work you should check her out. She has some awesome interior decorating ideas. Painting the faucet was pretty easy and it gave me the look I wanted.The light fixture is a antique bronze finish. I really wanted to try adding touches of brass that would pop against the black and look chic. I liked the way it turned out. I will say, the brass color looked better outside when I was spray painting under the sun. The natural light really makes it sparkle. There is not much natural light in our restroom so the color doesn't look the same. Overall, I am happy with the look...for now 😊. 


Below are some great examples of restrooms with mixed metals. Aren't they adorable?


Mixed Metals - A.png
Mixed Metals - B.png
Mixed Metals C.png

Guest Restroom Update

I finally convinced the huz that it was time to update our guest restroom. We live in a relatively new home so there is no reason to be ripping out and putting in new countertops, painting the cabinets, etc., I just can't justify it, so for now I am focusing on updates. When Miguel moved in our house a few years ago the first thing we did was paint some of the rooms that we just could not live with. The guest restroom was one of them. It was this horrible avocado green and at the time I wanted drama so we went with a deep plum purple. I liked it for awhile and then I decided I was tired of the darkness.

I knew I wanted something spa like. Since I have been on a white kick I knew that I wanted to go that route. I happened to read an article on that talked about rethinking white for those that just don't love the idea of going with a white shade. It can be really difficult to get the right white shade that doesn't look too grey, too yellow, too pink, etc. If you are interested in reading the article you can find it here. We actually painted our guest bedroom Greek Villa first. Since I knew that I loved it, I decided to use it again for our guest restroom. Can we just stop to reflect on the name of this paint? Don't you think of this when you hear greek villa...yaaaass!!! 

How can you not draw inspiration from this!?

How can you not draw inspiration from this!?

We went with Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex paint which has the paint and primer all in one. It also is easy to clean.  

My top two places when it comes to purchasing paint are Sherwin Williams and Home Depot. You can usually get a good sale at Sherwin Williams (there is one actually happening now through Feb. 4th). We have one near our home so it is easy to drop in and get what I need quickly.

Below is an outline of the changes I made:

  • Paint - This gives any room an instant pick me up. It really is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to change a space. I usually like my walls to be matte. 
  • Floating shelves - We purchased a old barn beam and cut it in half to create two shelves. I think it adds character to the space. The floating aspect gives a very clean look and it allows for your decor pieces to be the center of attention. 
  • Mirrors - When we painted our restroom originally we cut the builders grade mirror we had smaller. My dad created a custom frame made of wood to go around it. I highly recommend doing this. It gives your mirror and your space a more lux look. There really is no reason to go out and purchase a new mirror if you have one that you can reinvent. I am in love with gilded sunburst mirrors.The gilded aspect reminds me a lot of the decor you might find in any european cathedral. This design actually dates back to King Louis XIV. I love the drama it adds. 
  • Fixtures - We finally got rid of our builders grade Hollywood strip light and replaced it with a antique bronze finish fixture from Pottery Barn. I also added a towel hook for guests to use. I have found some good Pottery Barn dupes at Hobby Lobby. I love them in a rustic antique bronze finish. I am all about mixing and matching while still keeping a cohesive look so I wanted to give mixing metals a shot. I was tired of looking at our polished nickel fixture so I decided to spray paint it and our toilet paper holder antique brass. I love the pop it gives when compared to the black granite. 
  • Decor - I don't like my spaces to feel cluttered. I stuck with the usual items: soap dispenser, hand towels, an oyster shell from one of our past father's day brunches (it doubles as decor and a unique jewelry dish) all neatly placed on a large tray. In order to keep with the spa feel, I rolled up towels and displayed them, I have soaps in the container on the floating shelf, I added a mini candle and pops of greenery. 

Below are some before and after shots. Keep in mind, Miguel and I are newlyweds so we are taking our time making our house a home. My main focus has been the rooms that everyone can see - such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room. We are slowly making our way to the other rooms, so many projects so little time! 


As the idea for Collection of Beauty ("CoB") came together in my mind, I shared a few thoughts with a few friends, one of which is Seleni Hernandez. Seleni is a photographer and after weeks of swapping photography stories and decor stories, we thought, why aren't we working together? I had this idea of her coming to our home and photographing me for the blog. She graciously agreed and the outcome was beautiful! If you are in the Houston area and you are looking for a good photographer to capture your special moments you should check her out at Below is a short film of what a Collection of Beauty means to me as well as a few of my favorite shots from our photoshoot. Some of her work is sprinkled throughout this blog. 

I've had the pleasure of working along side Seleni for awhile now. I can't tell you what a difference it makes when you know you are working with someone that is professional, dependable and a all around good person. In addition to checking out her website you should follow her on Instagram - @selenihernandez. 

What I loved the most about this shoot was that it took place in our home. We have worked so hard to create a space that we love (it is still a work in progress) but to see it on camera as if we rented out the space just for the shoot is awesome. 

Never underestimate the power of beauty, whether it be a beautiful friendship or a beautiful ambiance. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 8.25.27 PM.png
Photo credit: Seleni Hernandez Photography

Photo credit: Seleni Hernandez Photography

Our Holiday Decor

I have always been a HUGE Christmas person. It has always been such a big deal in our family. Naturally, now that I am married, I get so excited about transforming our home for Christmas. This  year's theme has been one that I have been wanting to do for a few years. When I think of woodsy it makes me think of my dad who is the ultimate hunter/outdoors man. I love how cozy a woodsy theme is but it wouldn't be me if I didn't add a touch of sparkle so I went with a woodsy sparkle theme this year. Pretty sure I made that category up so don't go looking for that online anywhere :). You might have seen some magnolia leaves on my Instagram for Thanksgiving which I just love!! I love them so much I didn't want to get rid of them so I decided to incorporate it in to my theme because it goes perfectly. I love the look and the fact that it cost me nothing to go over to my neighbors tree and get a few clippings (make it a ton...I just can't seem to get enough...don't tell my neighbor). Honestly, if I could be a professional tree decorator I would be in heaven. It is something that just excites me!! Here are a few pictures of what our living room looks like. I hope you guys are having fun this month creating  beautiful memories.